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Hi friend,

I'm happy to share a nice little extra I've created. I've made a beautiful collection of papers that I think you'll love. I think you'll agree there are few things more intimidating than a blank white canvas, and few things more inviting than luxurious textured papers.

This diverse pack of 58 papers is the perfect complement to your MaxPacks collection. All textures are royalty free high resolution print-ready scans of premium art paper. Toned pastel papers are a staple of plein air gouache landscape studies, sensitive pastel still lives, and charcoal figure studies. Or maybe you want nice clean drawing papers or newsprint for your delicate pencil drawings to add a bit more realism. If it’s sophisticated watercolor paper you’re looking for, the fan favorite Watercolor MaxPack papers are included here as well. Perhaps your piece calls for a collage effect, this set of papers has you covered with all of your familiar favorites including playful construction paper and rough cardboards. You could even do some virtual scrapbooking, decorative lettering, or greeting cards on the delicate textures in this pack. And if you need a custom color there are three overlay textures to help you make the exact texture you you’re looking for.

The best part is, these beautiful high quality paper textures are compatible with the software of your choice.

And at only $5, it's a no brainer. So pick these up now because great brushes deserve great paper.

- Max

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