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The Oil MaxPack - Brushes for Procreate

90 ratings

Enjoy the largest MaxPack yet with 94 of the most advanced Procreate brushes ever made. The only thing this collection is missing is the smell of linseed oil. Channel the classical masters or find your own style with a virtual studio full of premium oil brushes. Start your painting off with the bonus Underpainting Template File. It makes it effortless to mimic the look of a transparent wash with a range of sienna or umber paints already built in. The gritty Turpentine brushes are the perfect tool for the job and they’re some of my all time favorites. The Easy Oil brushes are the approachable ones to grab when you want subtle texture and smooth blending. Thick Oil has irregular impasto in the grain but blends like a dream. If you’re looking for maximum canvas texture the Dry Oil brushes start dry and blend with more pressure, giving you the best of both worlds. Fine Oil is smooth and graceful like Sargent. For those who like to work alla prima, Clean Oil has a heavy paint application and subtle bristle drag. J.C. Leyendecker’s work is iconic and so are the brushes inspired by him, the Bold Oil series. Lay down strong graphic strokes and then blend them softly with the same brushes. Sometimes you want smooth rendering with minimal brush strokes and the Form Shader brushes built expressly for that. Use them for classical portraiture or modern graphic studies. Thin your paint down and build up layers with a selection of Oil Wash brushes that are perfect for greasy texture, glazes, and energetic loose marks. When you’re ready to make a mess, there’s a range of Old Oil Brushes, Rough Oils, Scumbles, Impasto and Blobby marks at your disposal. The iconic Impressionist brushes create defined, playful marks with sensitive color variations. Of course they’re made for colorful plein air landscapes but they’re well suited for all kinds of styles. Break out the Palette Knives for that Bob Ross study you’ve had in the back of your mind or carve out architecture with squared off marks. Have fun with some unexpected studio tools with a shop towel or the tip of an oil paint tube. Use a fingertip or a towel to smudge, or scratch details in or scrape paint off with a palette knife with specialized erasers. Finally, add a bit of believable age to your work with Craquelure brushes to crack your varnish or layers of paint. Photos of oil paintings frequently have glossy highlights, and now you can add these to your digital paintings to fool your friends and enemies with the Varnish Glare brush as a finishing touch.

94 Brushes Included in the Set:

2 Canvas Textures

1 Canvas Pencil

3 Turpentine Brushes

18 Everyday Brushes

4 Fan Brushes

6 Dry Brushes

3 Form Shaders

5 Thin Oil Wash Brushes

15 Textural Brushes

3 Impressionist Brushes

2 Pointillist Brushes

4 Palette Knives

2 Studio Tools

3 Effects Brushes

20 Smudge Brushes

3 Erasers

Plus a Bonus Template File

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Max Ulichney

Luis Mendo

Raf Sarmento

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The Oil MaxPack - Brushes for Procreate

90 ratings
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