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The Gouache MaxPack v2 - Brushes for Procreate

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The Gouache MaxPack v2 is a set of brushes compatible with Procreate 5 and newer.

The Gouache MaxPack has been updated to v2! Enjoy 62 natural media brushes including 10 brand new brushes and significant improvements to many of your existing favorites. No matter if you're trying to replicate the flat, bold marks of a mid-century cartoonist, the loose, energetic marks of a concept artist, or the delicate shading of a fully rendered fantasy illustration, this set of brushes has what you need. You will love the velvety marks of the Gouache Smooth as your new daily driver. If you want the beloved look of early animation art, you'll want the Gritty Series for that perfect bit of dry brush on the end of your marks. Capture the effortless looseness of a plein air painter with the Bristle, Split, and Shredded brushes. Or thin out your paint and build up your washes with the Thin Series, each with their own character and grain patterns. Many of the staple brushes of the pack also have alternate Glaze variants which allow you to use the opacity slider to customize how you want to layer your marks. Gouache is a medium as varied as the artists who use it, and the range available in this MaxPack will inspire you to paint exactly how you like. Also included is my absolute favorite new drawing tool, the 600 Series Pencil, inspired by the Blackwing 602. Also new in this update is improved performance across the board in Procreate Pocket for iPhone as a bonus.

62 Brushes Included in the Set:

The 600 Series Pencil

New 2H Pencil

15 Versatile Everyday Favorites

5 Expressive Flats

6 Precise Detail Brushes

3 Blendable Wet Brushes

13 Textures and Shaders

4 Transparent Wash Brushes

11 Complementary Smudge Brushes

To round out your brush collection, you can start with The Essential MaxPack. It contains realistic, expressive pencils, smooth pastel shaders, and more. Then loosen up and add rich texture to your paintings with The Painter's MaxPack. And to complete your classic editorial set of tools, look no further than The Comics MaxPack for a wide variety of ink brushes and markers.

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Max Ulichney

Raf Sarmento

Michael Relth


Update notes:

  • 10 New brushes

  • Revised originals

  • Improved ReadMe

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The Gouache MaxPack v2 - Brushes for Procreate

368 ratings
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