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The Essential MaxPack v2 - Brushes for Procreate

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The Essential MaxPack is a set of brushes compatible with Procreate 5 and newer.

The Essential MaxPack has been updated to v2! With nearly triple the original brushes of the original pack, you can enjoy 33 natural media brushes designed to be your new favorite daily brushes. Many of the beloved originals got modern overhauls, updated textures, and improved feel thanks to the new Procreate brush engine and my own improved skillset. And expect to find a host of new short list brushes in this pack that you never knew you wanted. Everybody needs a few great pencils, and the ones featured in this pack are newly updated to deliver cleaner lines and delicate shading. New to the pack is a set of ultra clean round and square brushes. They look simple but they have a smooth predictable feel for concept art or academic studies when you want to limit your textures or make a bold statement. The Grainstorm family has quickly risen to the top of my list when I want a predictable, versatile brush to sketch or shade with. The simple grain pattern will suit any project you have in mind. In addition, you can use the new and improved Dirty Bold v2 family like textural, scratchy inkers, or with lowered opacity for extra nuance. And don't forget the fan favorite Shader Pastel which is velvety smooth but holds a semi-sharp edge. This set is perfect for artists who want subtle, warm texture and tons of range from a focused set of brushes! 

And when you're ready to loosen up and add rich texture to your paintings, check out The Painter's MaxPack for the ultimate complement.

33 Brushes Included in the Set:

3 Warm Pencils

5 Clean Inkers

4 Staple Round and Square Brushes

4 Versatile Grainstorm Brushes

3 Expressive Dirty Bold Brushes

7 Intuitive Shaders

7 Smooth Smudge Brushes

See more samples @maxulichney on Instagram and Twitter. And see what everyone else is making using the #maxpacks hashtag!


Update notes:

  • 21 New brushes

  • Revised originals

  • Improved ReadMe

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The Essential MaxPack v2 - Brushes for Procreate

417 ratings
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